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3 dwg The invention relates to equipment for the production of ballistic vices and fuels, and in particular to equipment for phase homogenization of the powder mass and pressing charges. ballistite — /bal euh stuyt /, n. Chem. a smokeless powder consisting of nitroglycerine and cellulose nitrate chiefly in a 40 to 60 percent ratio: used as a solid fuel … Very good quality ! In our last post, we studied the invention of ballistite by Alfred Nobel in France. In today's post, we will study how Britain managed to obtain a similar smokeless powder: cordite.

Ballistite powder

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Smokeless Powder having Ammo Ballistite. 277. EXPLOSIVES OF THE SPRENGEL CLASS. 1927 PAPER AD 3 PG Dupont Atlas Dynamite Blasting Powder Wood Wooden Ballistite powder Original Shotgun Shell Box insert paper advertising Dupont. Ballistite powder Original Shotgun Shell Box insert paper advertising Dupont PAPER AD DuPont Red Cross Wood Wooden Dynamite Ditching Powder Can. BBLKMK6, Bulleted Blank Mk 6. BLKBPMK3, Blank, Black powder Mk 3.

smokeless powder: smokeless powder [the ~] noun. the smokeless powder – an explosive (trade name Ballistite) that burns with relatively little smoke; contains pyrocellulose and is used as a propellant 1. Definitions and Meaning of Ballistite in English Ballistite noun.

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Gunpowder, also known as the retronym black powder, to distinguish it from modern smokeless powder, is the earliest known chemical explosive. It consists of a mixture of sulfur (S), charcoal (C), and potassium nitrate (saltpeter, KNO3). The sulfur and charcoal act as fuels while the saltpeter is an oxidizer.

Ballistite powder

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It was developed and patented by Alfred Nobel in the late … Power Plant. The Ballistite Grain Inhibiting Building during its use. The Ballistite Grain Inhibiting Building today.

Patent number 6560. Improved explosive. Nitrocellulose as additives to explosives.
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Nitro-Explosives: A Practical Treatise.

Combined with nitrocellulose, hundreds of powder combinations are used by rifle,  två en-ton vagnar laddade med nitroglycerin, då känt lokalt som Powder-Oil, Alfred Nobel then developed ballistite, by combining nitroglycerin and  Welsh Mountain, Grove Ballistite WSB 200 1967, Sto, Boyen Rice Powder WSB 22396, Welsh Mountain, Boyen Gwagedd WSB 14321. 1972, Sto, Boyen  Victorian horn and brass pistol powder flask H14cm; two other Victorian pistol Three Victorian Sykes Patent copper and brass powder flasks, one embossed  ballistic ballistically ballistics ballistite ballistites ballistospore ballistospores dusknesses dusks dusky dust dustbin dustbins dustcart dustcarts dustcover  Nobel also invented ballistite. This invention was a precursor to many smokeless military explosives, especially the British smokeless powder cordite. Originally, the propelling charge was black powder, gradually superseded by ballistite by Nobel, was later developed into a family of nitroglycerin powders.
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Since the 1880s, it has been used by the military as an active ingredient, and a gelatinizer for nitrocellulose, in some solid propellants, such as Ballistite definition is - a smokeless powder consisting essentially of soluble cellulose nitrates and nitroglycerin approximately in equal parts.

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The innovative BALL POWDER® process provided a number of technological advantages over common extruded type powders that were quickly leveraged by ammunition factories and the U.S. military.

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